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Team Registration is now open for teams to apply to enter a team into the league.  No payment is needed at this time.

If you have a full team, please fill out the form as follows:  Mixed Registration Form 2014-15

If you have a partial team please fill out the form with who you have and we can assist with finding you additional players.

If you are a single player, please contact Julia Smith at with your club preference and level of play.

League Starting: Week of October 14, 15 & 16th

Nights of Play:  Whenever possible, even divisions play Tuesday (ML2, ML4, ML6 and WL2) / Odd divisions play Wednesday (ML3, ML5, ML7, WL3).  Thursday’s are ML1/WL1.  Depending upon club and number of teams, there will be some requirement to play on Thursdays.

New Players to the league, Single players looking for teams, or teams looking for players, please contact Julia Smith at


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