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ESL Annual General Meeting

The ESL’s Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday, June 27 at the Capilano Sawmill Restaurant at 6:00 pm.  All ESL members are welcome to attend the meeting.  If you cannot come to the meeting, please give your proxy to someone whom you know will be attending the meeting or to one of the members of the ESL’s executive board.  To grant your proxy, simply send an email with the following text (replace the text in the angle brackets with the appropriate names) to the person to whom you are granting your proxy:

I, <your name>, grant <name of person receiving the proxy> my proxy for the ESL’s 2016 Annual General Meeting at the Capilano Sawmill Restaurant on Monday, June 27, 2016.

ESL Executive Board’s contact information:

Julia Smith (League Administrator) –
Louis Wang (President) –
Daylene Lauman (Secretary) –
Nelson Fong (VP Finance) –
Ian Buchanan (VP League & Director to Squash AB) –
Lacey Scott (VP Operations) –
Stephen Atkins (VP Technical) –

ESL AGM 2016 Agenda
ESL AGM 2015 Minutes

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Click here for the Playoff Document of how many teams make the playoffs, dates of play, etc  in your level:  2015-16 Playoff Document

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LEAGUE DUES MUST BE PAID UP BEFORE YOU PLAY.  Membership Numbers are forwarded to us every Friday, so depending upon when you pay, there may be up to a week lag time before we recieve it from Squash Alberta.  FOR ENTERING SCORES, Enter as normal, even if showing “O” points.  All points will be reinstated when we get the membership number and date of payment.

To pay your $150 league registration fee, please follow the steps:   Go to and click on JOIN SQUASH ALBERTA.

NEW PLAYERS TO THE LEAGUE: (or you have never created a profile with Squash Alberta)  please click on “Create New Profile Here” and follow the steps.  Once you get to the membership selection part, you will need to select the Squash Alberta Membership with Edmonton Squash League for $150.

RETURNING PLAYERS who already have a profile, it’s likely you don’t remember your log in ID or password.  (Please note, your login ID for the Edmonton Squash league website where you go to enter scores, is NOT THE SAME as your Squash Alberta log in ID and password).  To retrieve all the info, just click on “Forgot or do not know your log in info, CLICK HERE”.  There, you will be required to enter the first three letters of your first and last name to retrieve your password. It will be emailed to you right away.  Log into SQ AB and remember to select the Squash Alberta Membership with Edmonton Squash league.  If you have any issues or questions, please contact Squash Alberta directly at 877-646-6566.

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New players can be added to existing teams at any point in the season.

TEAMS LOOKINGFOR PLAYERS AND SINGLE PLAYERS LOOKING FOR A TEAM:  Please contact if you need players for your team, OR you are a single player looking for a team.  Need to know what club and level you want to play.



Playoff Weekend: Saturday April 30, 2015
ESL Teams Tournament:  January 7-9th at the ESC

NEW PLAYERS INTERESTED IN THE LEAGUE:  See attached document for details on how the league works, costs, etc.  ESL Summary


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